The International Shotokan Karate Shinboku Association was formed in Japan
by members of the
Japan Karate Association with the blessing of Mr. N. Nakayama, chief
instructor of the
JKA. And Charles Mack, 7th Dan, chief instructor of the BSKA, was during his
seven year stay in
Japan requested to form a branch of the Shinboku Association in Britain. The
object of the
Shinboku Movement is to bring about a feeling of goodwill between people
through the practice
of Shotokan Karate. The word 'Shinboku' means 'Goodwill', and the Shinboku
movement is
represented in this country by the British Shotokan Karate Association.
  British Shotokan Karate Association
  Affiliated to the Federation of English Karate Organisations
During his stay in Japan Charles Mack was graded to Black Belt 1st Dan by Mr. N. Nakayama Sensei, then chief
instructor of the JKA. Mr. Mack was informed after this promotion that he was the first British person in the world
including Britain, to obtain this SHOTOKAN grade from the JAPAN KARATE ASSOCIATION, at whose dojo in Tokyo
Japan Charles Mack trained for seven years in Shotokan Karate under the guidance of Nakayama Sensei and other
leading Japanese Karate Masters. It is from the JKA that Shotokan Karate originally spread across the world and is
practised in most countries today.
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